“Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.” – Henri Matisse

I realise that I haven’t posted anything since my first post three months ago.

I apologise for my absence. Time seems to escape from my grasp ever so easily, like a rug being pulled from beneath my feet. I feel that I have become careless with time, allowing it to just slip by as I do.

I have been busy, my course work is becoming more difficult and my job itself leaves me feeling exhausted by the end of each day, I’ve had very little time to spend on what I would like to do, and I find this frustrating.


I’ve set myself a new project, something to do for fun! This weekend I am going to be kept busy working on commissions, I’m helping other people around the world send love notes to those that they love and care for, and I’ll be painting and drawing for these love notes! Some will be free as I’ll only be sending photographs of my work with the British nature in the background, for some there will be a small charge as a few people would like to have their requested piece posted to them.

I’m new to all this commissioning of work, therefore I’m new to what I should be pricing my work for and how to tell those commissioning me that if they want it posted that there will be a fee.

I feel utterly awful for giving a charge, it makes me feel guilty and rude. But it costs me money to paint and draw commissions and it costs me money to post the item too.

I’ve been thinking about this all morning as two days ago I had someone request for a giraffe to be specifically painted for their daughter and they offered to pay which is great as it makes it easier for me to avoid asking and I really appreciate them offering that as it shows that they are aware of the time and the effort that goes into doing these paintings. Last night I had someone else ask me to paint a piece  and to post it to them, but they haven’t offered to pay and therefore I feel stuck as I cannot possibly post an original piece without there being a small fee to pay first.

I asked myself, if this was another artist coming to me for help as to what to do in the same circumstance I would say that, ‘you shouldn’t feel guilty about charging for your work, as an artist we have to make a living and to support our art so that we’re then able to continue to create more art in the future.” 

I found courage in this, I also spoke to a few friends who said that I’m already being generous by not charging the full amount that I should, and so I finally replied to that person asking for the work to be posted and I said “I can post it but there will be a small charge to pay”, unfortunately they haven’t replied, this was my fear, I didn’t want to lose their interest as it is already so difficult to sell art.

I think that I shouldn’t be afraid of people not wanting to buy my work. I believe that there are two different types of people when it comes to art, those who will “buy” art if it’s free or very cheap and those who will buy art because they love quality. I want to strive for those who want quality.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic, I think that it’s important we discuss these matters, this way we won’t feel alone on our path to becoming artists and we can be able to support one another.
Sofia x


Author: s o f i a

I have a dream, I just want to see the Orcas wild and free!

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