i am untitled

I feel that I am slowly losing myself.

I am but a spec of dust, drifting, in a v a s t expanse of the universe.

It’s nice here, just me and nothingness, but eventually, I have to drift back down, back to reality.

Life is so difficult.

Everyone around me seems so good at living life, they keep going.

I see them come home from a long day at work and they’re tired, exhausted, from their day but that’s ok.

But I don’t know how they do that, how they keep going.

When I go to work I am anxious, I get things wrong, a lot.

I’ve not worked at many places but all have had the same reaction towards me and I know that it is something that I am doing wrong to be getting that reaction.

I no longer have a job because the last place I worked at let me go, I made too many mistakes, towards the end I made at least one mistake every. single. day.

I have a lump in my throat, I feel so stupid.

I’m struggling to get through, but I feel as though I am paleing* in comparison with the rest of the world. and I don’t mind. Maybe it would be better if I just disappeared. like I never even existed anyway. Of course, I am just speaking metaphorically.

I have been turned down from so many jobs, it’s so disheartening. And I haven’t heard from 10 times the jobs that I have applied for.

I think that the main cause of all my troubles is that, I don’t actually know what I want to do with my future. And, I think that my resume makes that clear.

I am just a creative, looking for a creative job.






*I’m not sure what the correct word is for what I am trying to describe here.


Author: s o f i a

I have a dream, I just want to see the Orcas wild and free!

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